Privacy Policy

It is our policy to respect the privacy of every visitor and information we might collect while anyone is visiting our website. Like the majority of the operators, we also gather non-personal data from our visitors. We collect data that servers and web browsers that are typically available like the preference of language, type of browser, referring site, time and date of visit and request of the visitors.  our purpose of gathering all this information is to make a better understanding of how our website works and how guest makes use of our site.  We also release all the collected information from time to time in aggregate for which reports are published regarding the trends in the website usage.

 We may also collect information like IP address for the users who are logged on our website and reviews of our visitors, including comments on the site.  We may also disclose the data like IP address of the user in certain situations.

Gathering information

Many of our guests like to interact with us in ways that the personal information is required.  The type and amount of the data that we collect each time totally depends upon the interactive nature between us and our visitors.  For instance, we might ask our guest about their reviews and suggestions. They also participate in surveys and voting programs that require personal information such as their password, name, age, and email address and sometimes contact details as well.  Also, the guest who likes to buy products from our website needs to provide additional information that is related to financial and personal data. This is the information that is required for completing the transactions on our website.  In any case, we only collect information which is essential to keep things working. We make sure to make the best use of your data and offering our best services.  We only collect data which is necessary and to fulfill the purpose of the goals of our visitors. We do not disclose any of our guest personal data with any other website, exceptionally in the circumstances mentioned below.  If you do not agree with our privacy policy and do not want us to disclose the information or any other matter, it is your consent to leave our website and refuse to provide your information.  This is also going to prevent you from accessing our website and other related activities.

Protection of the data

We only disclose the personal data collected from our visitors to the contractors, employees and legitimate companies that require the data to process it to our website behalf or in the case to offer services which are available on our website.  We disclose the information with the organization that again agree to our privacy policy and agree to keep the information private and protected.  Some of the contractors, organization, and employees might be residing outside the home country. By agreeing to our privacy policy it is in your consent and data can be transferred to them. We never sell or rent any of the information our guest provide us with at any cost to anyone.  Other than to our affiliate organizations, contractors and employees as described we disclose the data only in response to the government request, court orders and subpoena or in a case when disclosure is vitally required to protect the rights of our company, public at large or any other third-party website.  If you are registered with us and have provided us with the email address, we may occasionally send updated information about the solicit feedback,  new features, newsletters, or just to keep our visitors updated about what is going on our website regarding the services and products we offer.  We also use social media account details to interact. We also except to keep the communication minimal.

We take all the essential measures to protect our every guest shared information protected using the latest security features.  We protect your data against any unauthorized access, alteration, use, and destruction. It is our request to all the users’ advisors to read our terms, privacy policy and then enjoy our services and products. In case anything offends you kindly stop accessing our website.