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The importance of getting the right plastic packaging

It’s vital, when you’re putting together your take-away offering, to get the packaging just right. The wrong container can ruin even the best takeaway. How many times have you been out for a bite to eat and carried home something that leaked all over the bag? Flimsy and ill-fitting plastic takeaway containers are the bane of the industry: no one will remember how tasty the sauce was if what they remember is how it ended up everywhere. It’s important that the packaging is resilient., to give your food the best possible chance.

Packaging is a vital part of making sure that food arrives at the house in top condition, uncontaminated and undamaged. It also reduces waste by protecting the product. As such, it’s hard to overstate the importance of packaging to the overall product.

Then there’s the matter of looking like a class act. You’ve made some of the best food around, why would you put it in a shoddy tray? It’s a matter of perception in the customer’s eyes; appearances are important, and often overlooked things like containers are central to the whole customer experience. It all adds up to the overall impression, along with service and the state of the premises. If you look like you care about every aspect of the process, it reassures the customer that you’ve got good attention to detail, and reassured customers are ones who come back.

In the business environment, other factors can often come into play. cost is important, your bottom line is your bottom line. Convenience is also key, space is often at a premium, and bulky packaging can take up more room than strictly necessary. There are a thousand and one things to think about when deciding what sort of plastic takeaway containers to use. Size is also important, it’s no good trying to fit too much into a container that won’t take it, flexibility is key: a range of sizes is a vital part of your offering. Getting the right one’s important, getting the wrong one can wind up being a major pain in the backside both for you and for the customer.

So bearing this in mind, you really owe it to yourself to invest in good quality, good value packaging, if only to make your life easier, let alone help to grow your business and showcase your product. A little bit of attention paid at the packaging stage can reap major dividends further down the road, cutting waste, ensuring quality and the right plastic takeaway container can make all the difference in the long run, adding convenience for the customer and peace of mind for you.

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